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!!! For All Emergencies, Call 9-1-1 First !!!



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Introducing WVFPD

Woodmen Valley Fire Protection District (WVFPD) is a Special Tax District in El Paso County, Colorado, chartered with providing fire protection for approximately 315 homes in the Woodmen Valley, Pine Creek and Thunderbird Estates neighborhoods just north of the City of Colorado Springs, west of I25, and south of the United States Air Force Academy.  

WVFPD started nearly 50 years ago as the Woodmen Valley Volunteer Fire Department. In 2000, it was incorporated as a special tax district to acquire additional trucks and equipment. Difficulty in recruiting and retaining volunteers, as well as rising expenses, forced WVFPD's Board of Directors to consider a new strategy in 2008.

Starting January 1, 2009, all fire and medical services for the District's covered areas are now provided by Colorado Springs Fire Department. The District maintains its Board of Directors, as well as its chief, to oversee CSFD Performance and to handle financial matters. 

All members of of WVFPD are volunteer and receive no compensation for their efforts. For more information on the development of the District, see the WVFPD History page of this website.  

Public Postings

Per Colorado House Bill 19-807, this website will be the primary posting site for all WVFPD regular and special Board Meeting date announcements, cancellations, and changes.  This information may also be posted in the public posting places described in the Financial Data page of this website, but it is not required.  

Per Senate Bill 09-87 (C.R.S. Article 1, Title 32), this website is considered a Public Posting location for WVFPD. For a list of the other Public Posting locations, refer to the Financial Data page of this website.

Senate Bill 09-087

Per Senate Bill 09-087, Woodmen Valley Fire Protection District must post Part I (Title 32, article 1) data. This data, as well as current and proposed budget data is available on the Financial Data page of this website. WVFPD's Special District Transparency Information is also viewable at the Special District Association's website by Clicking Here. Select the Transparency Notice page in the upper right, then select "Search Public Transparency Notices".  Select 'W' and page forward to "Woodmen Valley Fire Protection District".


2021 WVFPD BOD Meetings: The WVFPD Board of Directors will meet on the following dates in 2019. All meetings are public and will be held at the WVFPD Fire Station located at 1150 W Woodmen Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80919. The meetings start at 7:00 pm. Residents of the District are encouraged to attend. One or more of these meetings may be held virtually via teleconference and/or web conference if COVID-19 restrictions continue to inhibit in-person meetings. Please check www.wvfpd.org for updates before any meeting. 

  •     February 1, 2021
  •     April 5, 2021
  •     June 7, 2021
  •     August 2, 2021
  •     October 4, 2021
  •     December 6, 2021

2021 Adopted Budget Posted:  The WVFPD Treasurer presented a proposed 2021 budget at a Public Hearing held on December 7, 2020 at 7:00pm.  Due to COVID-19 lockdowns, the meeting was held virtually via teleconference and web conference. This budget was discussed and then adopted as presented by the WVFPD Board of Directors at their regularly scheduled Board Meeting also held on on December 7, 2020, immediately after the Public Hearing. The 2021 Proposed Budget is on the Financial Data page of this website. 

USAFA Well Testing Update:  The local branch of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) has released additional data from the USAFA test results.  Their overview letter along with those results are available on the Well and Aquifer Issues page of this website.  As a reminder, the USAFA tested 43 wells across our neighborhoods and 40 of the did not show any contamination. Three has less than 20 parts per trillion, which is much lower than the EPA limit of 70 parts per trillion.  The USAFA will continue to test, but at this point, it appears this is NOT an issue for our neighborhoods.  The press release from the Academy is available here. Please refer to the  Well and Aquifer Issues page of this website for additional information.

Register for Reverse-911:  Did you know you can register your cell phones and text capable devices for Reverse-911 notifications? Go to www.elpasoteller911.org for more information and to set up your phones.

06/13/13 Fire on Westwood Road

Thanks to the quick action of several neighbors, a small fire was stopped that could have quickly grown into a major wild land fire.  This was probably started by the careless disposal of a cigarette butt.  Please talk to your children, teenagers, contractors and visitors about the dangers of careless behavior.  None of us want to see another event like the Black Forest or Waldo Canyon fires -- especially in our neighborhoods. 

Please!  Control potential fire sources like cigarette butts, charcoal fires and chimenea stoves.  And absolutely NO open burning or fireworks!  These items may be convenient or fun, but they are not worth losing everything we own.

If a fire does start please remember:

1. Call 9-1-1 First!  The fire may look small, but it can, and will, grow much faster than you think.
2. Use water to douse the edges of the fire and stop it from climbing trees.
3. Use shovels to push the fire back into the center and remove additional fuel.
4. Have someone posted to guide CSFD in and show them where the problem is.
5. Be careful!  Don't risk your life!  CSFD responded to this fire in less than seven minutes, so call 9-1-1 first.

Wildfire Mitigation

In light of the Waldo Canyon Fire, we should all be thinking about Fire Mitigation. CSFD offers onsite evaluations and advice to help you protect your property if wildfire should hit our area. To learn more about fire mitigation visit the CSFD Fire Mitigation Webpage or to schedule an onsite consultation call 719-385-7342.  

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